Nuage Fractal



Voivod backstory

The world wasn’t ready for Voivod when they emerged from Quebec back in 1982. And it’s arguably been playing catch up with the Canadians ever since.

Progressive punk, sci-fi thrash, avant-garde metal… the band’s cerebral, challenging music has been called many things, but it’s never been confined by any straightjacket – which is why Voivod have retained the underground cred they earned through albums such as Killing Technology.

And while the death of sonic adventurer and six stringer Denis ‘Piggy’ D’Amour in 2005 was a tragic blow, the band have built on their co-founder’s legacy with a string of visionary records, including 2022’s Synchro Anarchy.

To celebrate 40 years of Voivod, they’ll soon be releasing Morgöth Tales. It’s a collection of re-recordings by the band’s current line-up of nine deep cuts from 1984 to 2003, and includes a new song – the album’s title-track.

New single, Nuage Fractal, originally found on 1991’s Angel Rat, is our first taste of Morgöth Tales.

In bassist Dominic ‘Rocky’ Laroche’s own words

“We are excited to present the first single from our 40th anniversary album! Its solid drum and bass, alien guitar line on top, lyrics and melody that connects it all towards a spinning triangle bridge makes Nuage Fractal unique, which represents the era of Angel Rat.

“Let’s get ready to celebrate this amazing journey of Morgöth Tales!”

The verdict on Nuage Fractal

Voivod have always sounded like they’ve arrived from an alternative reality… and Nuage Fractal is a reminder of their startling inventiveness and supreme songcraft.

Let’s be clear. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with the original. It’s one of Voivod’s most enchanting – and for them, accessible – tunes.

And thankfully, Voivod’s 2023 line-up simply enhances, rather than dismantles, the astral majesty of the song.

Rocky’s bass, however, hits considerably harder on this version, propelling Nuage Fractal with an infectious, bouncing groove, and Snake’s vocals, a little thin on the ’91 cut, are much stronger this time around.

It bodes well for the rest of Morgöth Tales.

What’s next for Voivod?

Morgöth Tales will be released on July 21 on Century Media.

Voivod will be embarking on an extensive European tour this month, starting on May 26 in Wiesbaden in Germany.

Voivod photo by Francis Perron.