Something Wicked This Way Comes



Crowley backstory

Formed in 2022 with a mission to “reinvigorate the sounds of retro rock”, Newcastle-based quintet Crowley have quickly become a must-see in the North East scene.

The band’s debut single, The Witching Hour, was number one on Primordial Radio’s airplay charts in February this year, and they’ve been getting plenty of stage time with the likes of Vintage Caravan, Kira Mac, Vigil Of War and Fury.

Something Wicked This Way Comes, inspired by Macbeth, is their second single to date.

The verdict on Something Wicked This Way Comes

Take one listen to Something Wicked This Way Comes and you’ll immediately realise why Crowley are gaining so much attention.

This is honed, beautifully crafted classic rock wrapped in Gothic lace, a timeless piece of bewitching songwriting that could help propel Crowley to the big leagues.

Lead vocalist Lidya Balaban is a revelation. Her graceful performance crackles with power… and it’s matched by the fervent riffery and delicate touches of guitarists Eliza Lee and Ruth Cranston.

In a world where ‘occult rock’ bands are emerging from every nook, cranny and crypt, Crowley truly stand out.

In Crowley’s own words

“It’s rather apparent at this stage we all have a fascination with folklore and the occult, so it was interesting to delve into something strictly fantasy,” says Lidya Balaban. “With the lyrics drawing inspiration from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the song tells the story of three witches foretelling a heinous act of treason.

“It touches on the feelings of guilt and remorse and Lady Macbeth’s descent into madness but also flips perspective, so we get insight into the general’s point of view as well as the witches’ themselves.”

Lead guitarist Eliza Lee adds: “I was always captured by the darkness of Macbeth – hailing from the Scottish moors myself, I loved the idea of these magic sisters meeting on the landscape I grew up in to divine the future.

“This song is really a culmination of all our influences, we wanted to blend hard rock with the dreamy sounds of Fleetwood Mac and goth classics.

“We wanted to create something that would gradually build to this climactic point, layering different textures.”

What’s next for Crowley?

Crowley will be appearing at Anarchy Brewery in Newcastle on Saturday May 6, as part of the Northern Darkness II: Brominion Edition, which was organised by Byker Grave Bookings following the cancellation of Dominion Festival. They’ll be sharing the stage with Green Lung, High Spirits, Weedpecker, Mars Red Sky, Kylver, Dawn Ray’d and Calligram.

Crowley have also been booked for a main stage appearance at  SOS Fest in Manchester on Saturday, July 1.

Check out our interview with Eliza Lee, where she talks human sacrifice, witches and ‘Goth Abba’ here.