Hearts of Stone


Oceans Of Slumber

Oceans Of Slumber backstory

Featuring a slew of extreme metal luminaries, including ex-Insect Warfare drummer Dobber Beverly, Oceans Of Slumber emerged from Houston in 2011.

However, the Texans really started to draw international attention when vocalist Cammie Beverly joined the band in 2014.

Winter – their 2016 sophomore album – was one of that year’s standout records, striking a chord with fans of gothic metal acts such as Swallow The Sun and Insomnium, and impressing with its piercing, cerebral songcraft.

And they’ve never really looked back, with 2018’s The Banished Heart and 2020’s self-titled opus cementing their legacy.

Hearts of Stone is taken from their forthcoming album, Starlight and Ash – which promises to be sonically lighter than its predecessors.

In singer Cammie Beverly’s own words

“Lost and alone from birth, a product of the institution of life on the streets.

“Trouble follows this person around like a badge of honor. Grief finding grievances, the perfect formula of despair.”

The verdict on Hearts of Stone

Cammie Beverly has long been considered as one of the finest vocalist in contemporary metal: Hearts of Stone, with a powerful chorus that tears deep into the soul, ensures that status remains intact.

There’s a strong scent of Nick Cave on a track cloaked in the darkness of Southern Gothic, and along with previous single The Waters Rising, this certainly bodes well for the sextet’s new album.

What’s next for Oceans Of Slumber?

Starlight and Ash, the band’s fifth full-length, is set for a July 22 release on Century Media Records. It was produced by Joel Hamilton (Violet Road, Battle of Mice) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Yes, Voivod).