It’s Call Of The Wild week and we’re putting the finishing touches to our summer festival kit. In the meantime we’re featuring the must-see bands in the build-up to what promises to be a belting four-dayer.






Saturday May 21



Born To Be Wild

When Nick Workman hooked up with the Martin brothers to play the Z Rock festival in 2009 everyone present spotted Vega’s obvious potential. 

And when the band’s Kiss Of Life debut was released by Frontiers Records in 2010 everyone melodic rock fan’s dream came true.

But it was 2014’s Stereo Messiah — featuring Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott on a cover of 10x Bigger Than Love — that established Vega as true AOR titans.

If Covid-era album Grit Your Teeth never quite got the recognition its pin sharp production deserved, then last September’s Anarchy And Unity emerged as the band’s best yet.

And the Call Of The Wild massive can look forward to a slew of killer tracks from that career standout record this weekend.

What We Said

Was 2021’s Anarchy And Unity a magnificent seventh from Brit stalwarts Vega? 

You bet. 

Planet Rock playlisted the very best of a belting album’s anthemic standouts and for a reason…

…this was Nick Workman’s masterwork as Vega delivered on more than a decade of slow burning potential.

The canny recruitment of ex-Inglorious fret burner Wil Taylor simply added a diamond-tipped cutting edge to a band on the brink of greatness.  

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Beautiful Lie


Slouch Beanie