The word on the street

Birmingham’s answer to Vintage Trouble?

A UK rival to Rival Sons?

Blue Nation sound red hot on new single I Feel Low

…and we’re stoked to have bagged the video exclusive of one of the tracks of 2022.

Who are Blue Nation?

A retro-fuelled, blues-based rock and soul trio schooled in Cream, The Beatles and The Temperance Movement.

Blue Nation’s immersive soundscapes, thought-provoking lyrics and classy musicianship make for the perfect antidote to social media-driven, throwaway pop.

And the band’s already chalked up a glut of eclectic gigging experience alongside the likes of Skid Row, Von Hertzen Brothers, Daxx & Roxane and Kris Barras.

Blue Nation is Neil Murdoch, Luke Weston and Oli Jefferson — a.k.a the future of British blues rock.

The story behind I Feel Low

“The song’s about a friend of mine who crossed a line with not only me but the band.

“It’s the conversations we had together and how eventually we fell out and never spoke again.

“After speaking to a few friends, we all shared similar stories about this person and how destructive they can be.

“So the only thing to do was to write about it and let the emotion go that was dragging me down.”

Neil Murdoch

The verdict on I Feel Low

Driving, dirty and devilishly honest blues rock paces the brooding and brilliant I Feel Low.

There’s an uncontrollable sense of fury exploding forth from the visceral vocals.

And a steepling riff hewn from the late 60s — and polished with some 21st century cool — catapults this dizzying track into the blues rock big leagues.

Its repetitive message and relentless rhythm teases out a rollercoaster of raw emotions.

I Feel Low is a heartfelt high.

What’s next for Blue Nation?

The band plays the MotorSport Lounge in Llandudno later this month.

Festival dates follow throughout the summer.

And EP Echoes — featuring lead track I Feel Low — is set for an autumn 2022 release.

Check out Blue Nation’s website to find out more!