From Second Sight



Satan backstory

Formed in Newcastle in 1979, Satan’s devilishly good riffs were a staple of the fledgling NWOBHM movement.

Founder members Steve Ramsey and Russ Tippins steered the cult metallers through a series of line-up — and name — changes throughout the 80s.

And Satan were variously reincarnated as Blind Fury and Pariah as the band’s twin axe attack looked to keep things fresh in the face of a fast-changing scene.

Satan released Court In The Act (1983) and Suspended Sentence (1987) before Ramsey went on to form Skyclad in 1990.

And that spelled the end of the Pariah-era Satan (keep up!) before a much-anticipated comeback at Wacken Open Air in 2004.

Ramsey and Tippins regrouped to kick off a full Satan reunion in 2011.

And new long player Earth Infernal (released next month) is the band’s fourth record in a decade.

In Satan’s own words

“Wherever you care to look around the world, you‘ll find conspiracy theories and millions of people who actually believe in them. 

“The denial of science is a very dangerous trend. 

“In itself it is nothing new but lately there‘s been a significant increase in the number of followers who‘ve now given up on proven fact.

“And they’re ready to believe that 2+2=5 if it suits their purpose. 

“Trust in authority is at an all-time low. 

“Our world is on the brink of sliding into chaos unless people wake up and start to have faith in the smartest human beings on the planet. 

“Established expertise must win the day or we are finished as a species.”

The verdict on From Second Sight

Fast-paced, furious and faithful to metal’s finest traditions.

From Second Sight is Satan at their strident best.

A riff hewn from the classic Ramsey/Tippins rock face drives an anthem as thrilling as it’s thought-provoking.

And From Second Sight proves Satan’s second coming demands attention.

It might be almost 40 years since the Geordie crew burst on to the scene with Court In The Act.

And it’s 11 years since Ramsey and Tippins reformed one of the prime movers in the NWOBHM movement.

But From Second Sight fuses Satan’s glorious past with the band’s fresh take on modern metal to create a seriously addictive soundscape.

Ramsey and Tippins rattle through their axe work like wide-eyed kids trapped in Windows’ basement.

And frontman Brian Ross belts out Satan’s latest tune with all the bullish intent of a young Rob Halford.

From Second Sight’s a visionary piece of work from a band with their eyes on the prize.

What’s next for Satan

New album Earth Infernal is released via Metal Blade Records on April 1.

The band has been added to the Dominion Festival bill — featuring Cradle Of Filth, Blind Guardian, Onslaught and more — in July.

Satan will appear at the No Playback Festival in Germany next month.