There are few WWE Superstars that illicit a reaction quite like Eva Marie. After a near four year hiatus from the company, the leader of the Eva-lution brought her unique set of skills back to WWE. Ahead of the hottest event of the Summer and her match against Alexa Bliss, our King Of The Ring, Andy Spoors, spoke exclusively to Eva Marie…  

Rushonrock: With SummerSlam just around the corner and with everything that has been going on around the world, is this the first time that the locker room is more excited for SummerSlam than a WrestleMania?

Eva Marie: Oh, you know what, I think everyone is just really excited, because there’s nothing like being in front of the WWE Universe and the fact that we get to do that again and it’s super fresh, it’s super brand new, I think everyone is just buzzing and excited.

It’s just that really high energy and nothing beats it. The WWE Universe are the best fans in the world, so the fact that they’re back is incredible.

Rushonrock: Speaking of being back, how have the fans taken to you since your return?

Eva Marie: Amazing! I mean, love me or hate me as long as you’re talking about me, I’m happy. So I love the WWE Universe and clearly you know they have a love hate relationship with me and that’s okay.

Rushonrock: What was the one thing that made you want to come back to the company?

Eva Marie: I think it was everything. I love this company, I love the WWE Universe and it is the best show in the world. I’m so grateful to Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Triple H for giving me a chance seven or eight years ago on the Diva Search and it’s just something that is now forever in me. There isn’t anything like the WWE and coming back, being able to be back in front of the WWE Universe, is everything.

Rushonrock: What are some of the biggest differences between your first run and this one?

Eva Marie: I just think that coming back in the women’s division it’s not only stacked now, but you can see the tremendous amount of growth in the last six to seven years. I really think a lot of it had to do with Total Divas, it was a huge element into making that happen as well because it brought in a whole different demographic.

A lot of young girls and women got into wrestling that weren’t really fans prior and it also put a nice shining light on how savage and badass the women’s division really is. You went from having short matches, to now the women are crushing it, main eventing the biggest event that we have in WrestleMania and crushing that too.

So, I think it just shows the tremendous amount of growth and it’s really an exciting time to be a part of it.

Rushonrock: While you’re away from the business and outside of that WWE bubble, did you stay up to date with the women’s division or did delve straight into the network to prepare?

Eva Marie: I think you know once you start in WWE, you always pay attention. So, I never stopped, even though I was out of the company and doing my other projects and businesses, you always pay attention to the roster and what’s going on Raw and SmackDown. I always had my eye on it. I knew I was coming back at some period of time, it was just a matter of when and where made the most sense, so you know it’s been fun to watch.

Eva Marie

Rushonrock: What was the one thing you have learned that you thought, I’m going to take that back with me when I go back to WWE when you’ve been away on your other business ventures?

Eva Marie: I think it’s one of those things where with time and doing other things, you just grow with age and experiences. But I really do believe that since I started in WWE, it kind of prepares you. If you are able to do that, you can do anything. Whether that’s entertainment or whatever it is, you have that mindset because WWE Superstars are the best in the world.

From the physicality that they have to handle day to day inside the ring, but on top of that they are creative geniuses too with their characters. Then being able to travel, as there’s no off season, they are the baddest on the planet. So, I really think that being a part of this company it just made me more of an all-around badass.

Rushonrock: Speaking of badasses, you’ve been working with Doudrop, formally known as Piper Niven. How much did you know about her background in the UK and what was the process to put the two of you together?

Eva Marie: Of course I knew all about her. I hand-picked her from NXT UK because she is a complete savage. She’s an incredible athlete, she’s a force to be reckoned with and so of course, I had to scoop her up immediately. I wanted to bring her on board and make her my protégé. She is awesome, I’m stoked to be with her and to be taking over the division, because those tag team titles…we’re coming for them.

Rushonrock: With the women’s main events at SummerSlam filling up quickly, are the tag team titles something you are desperate to go after now?

Eva Marie: Of course! I feel like when you’re in the WWE, if you’re not going for a title I mean what are you going for right? So those tag titles? Of course! Then after, I’ll take that Women’s Championship as well.

Rushonrock: You came in towards the back end of the ThunderDome, but how important has it been having the WWE Universe back? And how excited is everyone for SummerSlam at the Allegiant Stadium?

Eva Marie: I’m really happy that I came back and got to experience the ThunderDome, but it also gives you much more appreciation too. Having the actual WWE Universe in the seats when you walk out into the arena and not only see their faces, but also hear the energy of the crowd.

At the end of the day, it’s a show, so you feed off their energy and to see the smiles, the boos or the frowns on their faces is everything. The fact that we get to experience that at SummerSlam, the hottest show of the summer and it’s happening in Las Vegas? It doesn’t get much hotter than that! Of course the Eva-lution is always bringing the heat, so you know it’s a freaking awesome time and the energy is through the roof.

This weekend, WWE celebrates a huge weekend of action. SummerSlam is live on the WWE Network from a packed Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Saturday night before NXT Takeover: 36 on Sunday night.  

Images used courtesy of WWE.