Levara backstory

Trev Lukather, Jules Galli and Josh Devine formed Levara in Los Angeles after all three settled in a city famous for realising rock and roll dreams.

Galli emigrated from France, Devine headed across the Pond after a stint as stixman for One Direction and both found Lukather — son of Toto’s Steve — looking to put together a hot new band.

Prior to recording their debut album, the trio toured the US on numerous occasions and supported Toto on an arena tour in 2019. 

Levara played a limited number of headline shows across Europe the same year.

And in early 2020 they began working with producer Ethan Kaufmann at Elephant In The Room Studios in East Hollywood.

In Levara’s own words:

Trev Lukather (guitar): “Automatic is a statement. It is the song that started it all for us as Levara.

This song set the standard for the album and really solidified the sound that we would run with throughout the debut album.

It elevated us into a whole new universe and we couldn’t be more grateful.

It’s everything we are as a band – anthemic with massive drums, epic fills, loud guitars, soaring solos, huge vocals, unreal high notes, strong melodies and a hook that you can’t get out of your head.

This is our main single and this is the true beginning of what’s to come.”

Jules Galli (vocals): “Automatic is about the magic in a moment.

This song was born in the green room of a Foreigner show.

We went from support on that show to getting a record deal and finally releasing our music to the world as Levara.

So much has happened since the creation of this anthem.

I mean, we were a different band before we wrote it!

It’s incredible what a song can do. I hope it means as much to our fans as it does to us.”

Josh Devine (drums): “Automatic was the definite pivotal point that changed everything for us as a band.

It just had this extra ‘it factor’ that we had been searching for when finding our voice as a band, while still holding true to the sonic elements that created Levara.

This is the beginning!”

The verdict on Automatic

It’s little wonder that the video for this killer slice of 21st century pop rock has racked up close to 10,000 views on YouTube in less than four days.

Levara pen classy Killers-meets-Alter Bridge anthems made for radio and with room to grow in front of a baying festival crowd.

Automatic sees frontman Jules Galli firing on all cylinders and the fabulously gifted Frenchman looks and sounds every inch the next big rock star.

But what of Lukather? With a name like that expectations are impossibly high.

Fortunately, a naturally affinity with the fretboard runs in the family and the band’s founder positions himself as a guitar hero for the next generation on Automatic.

Expect this single to gain serious momentum and look out for Levara absolutely everywhere later this year.

You heard it here first.

What’s next for Levara

The band’s self-titled debut album is due for release via Mascot Records on May 14.

Levara are ready to hit the road just as soon as coronavirus restrictions allow with festival dates and headline shows across the globe on the cards.