High Force – Double Barreled Rockgun (Self-released)

What do a North East beauty spot and balls-out, feel good hard rock have in common?

Well, it’s this dynamic Tyneside duo.

Named after a mighty waterfall on the River Tees, High Force are a force of nature, a cascade of sleazy riffs, metallic swagger and earworm choruses.

Singer Craig Relf and guitarist Kyle Partridge first worked together in Newcastle stoner metal kings Druganaut, and they’ve reunited here for an ass-kicking, butt-shaking four-track fiesta.

Although there’s not much hint of NOLA sludge in Double Barreled Rockgun, Druganaut’s grasp of groove – and sense of unhinged fun – runs right through the release.

Relf’s trademark, gravelled vocals are right in your face too, the perfect foil for his buddy’s blazing axework.

Pick of the bunch is the explosive title track, a pump action burst of rock ‘n’ roll with an AC/DC strut. It’s closely followed by the stunning Drinking With Satan, an ode to good times with Old Nick that Orange Goblin would be proud of.

And you can bet that Lucifer would be raising a glass to High Force if this little ditty erupted from Hell’s jukebox.

That song has some serious competition from God Of Rock And Roll, though.

It’s a raucous, snarling beast of a tune, that, like Greased Up Lady Highway, you may not want to play in front of your gran…

The boys certainly sound like they had a blast making Double Barreled Rockgun, that’s for sure.

And you know they’ll be dying to take High Force to the stage, when we can all get up close and personal again.

You better be ready.

Double Barreled Rockgun is available to pre-order from Amazon and iTunes from December 24 and is released on digital platforms on January 31.

From December 2020 to March 2021, 50 per cent of the profits made from Double Barreled Rockgun will be donated to a Go Fund Me campaign set up by Newcastle rock bar Trillians, to help support the venue through the Coronavirus pandemic.