The Explorers Club – The Explorers Club/To Sing And Be Born Again (Goldstar Recordings)

Here at Rushonrock we believe ‘rock’ is a broad church.

If your name’s not down then that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get in.

And for that reason we’re opening our doors to The Explorers Club.

The weather’s grim.

Lockdown’s back.

And Linkin Park re-released Hybrid Theory just as the nu-metal memories were beginning to fade.

It’s not been a great week.

Which is why we all need a double dose of The Explorers Club.

The Explorers Club opens its door to dreamy pop rock

Partial to The Beach Boys? Admire The Beatles at their poppiest? 

Like music that puts a smile on your face? Then you’ll love this.

Described as sun-kissed beach pop, it’s not for fans of Venom Prison.

And even Def Leppard devotees might find this all just a little too soft.

But give founder Jason Brewer his due.

The bloke knows how to pen the perfect antidote to Rona-soaked pessimism.

And The Explorers Club are all about looking on the bright side on a self-titled record rich in unbridled joy.

Look To The Horizon for fresh inspiration

The Phil Spector-inspired Look To The Horizon sets the seal on a truly uplifting set.

Somewhere Else is something else – think Fleetwood Mac at their commercial peak.

And Don’t Cry is a dreamy affair. 

The only tears you’ll be shedding here are tears of happiness.

Brewer wants you to get drunk on positivity.

He wants you to enjoy a cocktail of cool.

And the Nashville-based singer songwriter wants to quench your thirst for pure escapism.

The Explorers Club uncovered

To Sing And Be Born Again’s collection of covers is equally calming.

Brewer’s version of The Zombies’ Maybe After He’s Gone breathes new life into a stone cold classic.

A triumphant take on Can’t Find The Time features Barenaked Ladies’ Steven Page.

And The Explorers Club are at their bright and breezy best covering Bob Dylan’s Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn).

This isn’t heavy.

It’s barely rock.

But roll with it.

Join The Explorers Club: pure joy guaranteed

The Explorers Club have crafted something perfectly positioned to save a population on the precipice of pandemic implosion.

If you think times are tough then join the club. The Explorers Club.