Song: Broken Halo

Band: Icarus Falls

Backstory: In 2014 Josh Harris (drummer) was at a crossroads as various band members left the first incarnation of hard rockers Icarus Falls. Undeterred, he discovered Doug Hay (vocals) and Harvey Wigg (guitar) and rehired Lawrence Trousdale-Smith (guitar). With a new line-up in place the band got to work on the Venom EP. That critically acclaimed release won Icarus Falls a spot on the Rising Stage at Ramblin’ Man Fair before new bassist Vinnie Denton joined the fold earlier this year. 2020 has seen the band record a series of singles and plans to record their debut album are already in place.

In their own words (Harvey): Broken Halo is about someone’s fall from grace. It’s about imagining that someone is the greatest thing since sliced bread and then watching them fall hard. You have to wonder whether the image they portrayed was true or whether they simply pretended to be like that. Is this a case of them revealing their true self?

The verdict: Think a more commercially savvy Clutch but without the sheen of US stadium rockers Shinedown – this is emotive heavy rock with a refreshingly raw edge. Icarus Falls have long been touted as the next big thing but Broken Halo is the quick fix required to fire this wrecking crew into the big leagues.

What’s next: A third single release is on the cards before the boys knuckle down and get to work on their full-length debut – slated for 2021.