Earache Presents: The New Wave Of Rock N Roll (Earache)

According to Gene Simmons rock and roll is on life support.

Listen to mainstream radio and you’d imagine the genre is already dead.

Simmons and his ilk still dominate the major festivals and huge arenas.

And the so-called legends continue to adorn magazine covers in a bid to keep subscribers sweet.

But bubbling beneath the surface a new breed of British bands is reaching boiling point.

You’ll find them plugging in and rocking out in pubs and clubs across the country.

And if you’re lucky you’ll occasionally catch them supporting the genre leaders and bothering the festival staples.

Names such as the joyously retro Jack J Hutchinson.

Sultry blues songstress Elles Bailey.

Pop metallers Tomorrow Is Lost.

And party starters Piston.

All four and more feature on this catch-all collection of rising stars and guitar-slinging rebels.

Whether TIL or the punky Loz Campbell belong under the rock n roll banner is open to debate.

But where they are is at the forefront of a new wave of criminally ignored domestic talent.

And on this carefully curated set they’re among friends.

Given its limited rewards and frequent setbacks, the UK’s live music scene isn’t for everyone.

But those embedded within its growling heart have developed a unifying gang mentality.

And every one of the 15 bands featured here shares a common commitment to the cause.

Verity White’s Creamy 70s vibe is worthy of further listening.

The Dust Coda’s aptly title Rock N Roll is one of the standout tracks here.

And if SKAM are hardly new to the scene then Take It Or Leave It is a terrific shot in the arm for fans and fellow bands alike.

Props to Earache for giving the cream of the crop the platform they deserve.

And fingers crossed this uplifting showcase translates into ticket sales and packed shows.