Anglo-Maltese musical mash-up Ġenn (pronounced Jenn) are stepping up the pace in 2020 with the release of riotous new tune Du Da Dance.

The post-punk anthem coincides with the first of this year’s live shows at Bristol’s The Old England.

Vocalist Leona wrote the lyrics on the train in Madrid 10 minutes before demo-ing them.

“It’s about not caring about what other people think of you or say about you,” she said.

“And about just enjoying life.”

Based in Brighton, the band is a result of a trans-national pairing which came about through the internet between three musicians from Malta, and one from the UK. 

The Ġennata (English translation: craziness) has only just begun.

2020 shows:

28th January – The Old England – Bristol

31st January – The Hope & Ruin – Brighton

16th February – Patterns – Brighton

12th March – Camden Assembly  – London

5th April – The Hope & Ruin – Brighton

16th April – Suburbstheholroyd – Guildford 

18th April – The Grace – London 

19th April – Craufard Arms – Milton Keynes

29th April – Musician – Leicester

30th April – 0161 Festival – Manchester