Chantel McGregor – Bury’d Alive (Self Released)

Midway through this emotive live set Chantel McGregor hits a genuinely affecting high. A dreamy vocal and understated fretwork elevates the blues queen to a dizzying new level. The track? It’s Inconsolable. And you will be if you don’t get your hands on a copy of this essential insight into a truly special talent.

Of course the multi-talented McGregor can do soulful just as well as she can do brooding, ballsy blues rock. And the riff-laden passion underpinning the perfect opener – Feel The Power – proves the point as the accomplished singer songwriter lets rip. Your Fever comes a close second as an example of McGregor at her bullish, unbridled best.

Those seeking to lose themselves in a soaring solo should skip straight to Eternal Dream where pure instinct appears to kick in. McGregor is on fire as she reinterprets a true classic from 2015’s aptly titled Lose Control.

Then again the solo is a staple of this standout set from start to finish. And on April an inspired McGregor manages to get even more out of her trusty six-string, squeezing every last note out of a Skynyrd-esque winning streak. Truly remarkable stuff.

Bury’d Alive is a blues resurrection. Celebrate while you can.