Rising Brit rockers Empyre have just unleashed latest single New Republic ahead of next week’s Self Aware album release. We found out what tunes make the band tick in between studio stints and road trips with all four members adding their favourites to the mix:

Did [Coles, lead guitar]:

Audioslave – Show Me How To Live

I was first introduced to this track via Audioslave’s self titled debut album and then later on MTV2 saw the accompanying music video and couldn’t get enough. Still one of my go-to songs with unique, gritty rock riffs throughout alongside Chris Cornell’s stellar vocals. I’m inspired by the hard-hitting song arrangement of the band and the overall music production of this track from Rick Rubin. 

Incubus – The Warmth

I first heard this track when my brother played me the Make Yourself CD. I wouldn’t have been playing guitar for a year yet but remember wanting to learn the song and being hooked by the chorus. The lyrics are reflective, introspective, a little dark and the chorus kicks in with a powerful vocal melody. The creative use of guitar effects from Mike and the intricate drum groove throughout make this song for me.

The Police – Message In A Bottle

Andy Summers has a voice of his own on the guitar and you can instantly identify the Police sound in this track with the signature arpeggiated riff and jazzy chords. I love how the band bring other styles of music in and incorporate it into their playing. The inspiration is there and in the songwriting and Stewart Copeland’s captivating drum performance! Amazing! 

Henrik [Steenholdt, vocals and guitar]:

Pearl Jam – Alive

One of the few times that I remember exactly where I heard it first, which was upstairs in my parents’ house when one of my friends came round after a trip to Belgium. He had happened to pick up a copy of the Ten album whilst he was there. I had no idea who Pearl Jam was but the intro guitar riff had me hooked and that was the kind of rock song I wanted to play.

Guns N’ Roses – Nightrain

I believe it was the first song they played when I saw them at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1993. I just remember the start of the song and the crowd erupting. I hardly even knew the song at that stage but it’s quite possibly my favourite Guns N’ Roses track. It’s great dirty rock.

Extreme – More Than Words

I hated the song the first few times I heard it. Then I remember one day waking up and all I wanted to hear was that song and learn it on the guitar. I think I took the bus into town and bought Pornograffitti just for that song. It’s simple in that it’s one guitar and some nice harmonies, but just those three elements make something amazing.

Grant [Hockley, bass]:

King’s X – Dogman

I was blown away the first time I heard this track. The riff is epic and the slow groove is glorious. Dug Pinnick’s bass tone is huge! This track, particularly, has influenced my tone and groove.

Sikth – Scent Of The Obscene

This was the first time I heard slap bass being used in heavier music. While Sikth musically is very different to Empyre it has had an influence on my playing and approach.

Elliot [Bale, drums]:

Twenty One Pilots – Guns For Hands 

This track was the first track myself and my brother heard from Twenty One Pilots and we soon became huge fans of the band. We have seen them all over the country and find them outstanding to be able to create such a great sound from just two musicians. Their sound is unique and this is what I love most about them!

Dave Matthews Band – Drive In Drive Out 

This song is amazing, there isn’t a single bit of the track that doesn’t amaze me with the incredible chops and grooves from Cater Beauford. I remember hearing it for the first time years ago and not being able to turn it off for hours.