Gatecreeper have given fans a taste of what’s to come from their sophomore album – scheduled for later this year – by unleashing a new track, Anxiety.

Adult Swim Singles has teamed up with the Arizona deathsters to feature Anxiety as the 43rd instalment of its current program. 

Gatecreeper’s forthcoming new album – to be released via Relapse Records – will mark the follow up to their debut full length, 2016’s critically lauded Sonoran Depravation.

You can listen to Anxiety here.

Gatecreeper vocalist Chase Mason said: “We wrote and recorded this song together with all the songs for our upcoming album.

“Musically, this song is a little more adventurous than a normal Gatecreeper song. We wanted it to stand out on its own while also teasing what to expect from our new record.

“This was the last song that I had to finish lyrics for so I ended up writing it about all the stress and mental torment I had put myself through while working on the whole project. It’s oddly fitting that this is the first song to be heard from what we have been working on.”

Picture above by Joseph Maddon.