On the back of lead track Running Out Of Time, Mercury Rising hold their EP launch party later this month but what gets the UK metallers in the mood for a live show? We asked frontman Max Campbell to reveal the songs that soundtrack a MR road trip.

Van Halen – Take Your Whiskey Home

Eddie Van Halen is known for his lead electric guitar but I like the acoustic guitar here. It’s just a really good road trip song. It’s got a great intro and a big chorus and I love the album.

Mr Big – Alive And Kicking

It’s just mental because it’s Mr Big. It’s probably the best driving song that I could think of. It’s just so fast and crazy and it just makes you want to put your foot down. 

Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

I’ve picked this purely for the guitar tone at the start. I nailed it a year ago and I was very proud! It’s a song that I just stumbled across and then I started playing with the dials because I was determined to play it right.

David Lee Roth – Goin’ Crazy

It’s a very silly song but sometimes you need that on a long trip. It’s got a ridiculous amount of synths and random percussion all over the place! I’d love to talk to David Lee Roth one day about where he finds the ideas for his lyrics. I’ve always liked them.

Steely Dan – Night By Night

This is a chilled out ‘going home’ track. It’s the musical equivalent of cruise control. There are a lot of jazz influences in Steely Dan’s music and it’s the same with Mercury Rising – believe it or not!

Ozzy Osbourne – Miracle Man

This is one of Rob’s [Raymond, lead guitar] choices. I must admit I hadn’t listened to much Ozzy solo stuff before I heard this and I was surprised that Zakk Wylde was on lead guitar. It reminds me of Rob’s playing – it’s a fast song and a good driving tune.

Radiohead – Knives Out

This is another of Rob’s choices but I suppose it’s the kind of song where we meet in the middle as far as out musical tastes and influences go. It’s a chilled out and laid back song but Radiohead always use some really interesting melodic devices. There are a lot of classical influences which appeals to Rob – I’m the jazzier of the two.

White Lion – Hungry

What an underrated band! They should have been – and should be – a lot bigger. Vita Bratta is an insane guitarist. There’s so much melodic feel to his work and the chord progressions underneath the songs are incredible. Who knows where Vito is right now but he’s too good to disappear forever.

Yes – Changes

This is just prog rock at its finest. It’s one of the first ventures into truly progressive music and Yes were pioneers of their craft. Just listen to the intro! I’ve still not figured out the time signature. It’s a song that keeps us awake on the road.

Extreme – Play With Me

It’s probably the most fun anyone has ever had when recording a rock song. Everyone knows it from the mall scene in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and it’s perfect to get you to where you need to be.

Mercury Rising host their EP launch party – with special guests Daxx & Roxane and Mongrel Dogs – at the Devonshire Arms, London, on June 22.