Stone Broken have released a brand new remixed version of The Only Thing I Need, taken from their current studio album Ain’t Always Easy.

The track has been given a fresh arrangement by renowned UK engineer/producer Adrian Hall, who has previously worked with artists including Alicia Keys, The Clash, Robbie Williams and Goldfrapp.

Rich Moss, Stone Broken’s lead vocalist/guitarist, said: “The Only Thing I Need is a feelgood number. 

“We wanted to write a song that would make people think about the friends, relatives and whoever who mean the most to them.

“We want people to think back to a point when they were just having fun, when there was no stress – even if that was only for a small amount of time. Those times are the best times!”

Stone Broken are back out on the road from Thursday, kicking off their latest UK headline tour at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele.

Image by Paul Harries