TheCityIsOurs have announced the release of their new single Veins and a headline tour for October!

The band formed in 2015 with a mission statement to create melodic but brutal music. Their debut EP Wildfire charted well in the iTunes Rock and Metal charts – as did 2017’s follow up Hollow Hope.

Both those records were self-released as TheCityIsOurs built a reputation for their hard work and high energy live shows – while supporting Slaves (US), Dead By April and The Word Alive helped build their growing reputation.

Now is the time to reach the next level, said guitarist Mikey Page: “We have always been a band that has got our hands dirty and stuck by our incredibly loyal fan base, but we are confident that these songs have just what it takes to pull us onto the next level.”

Talking about the new song Veins, Page commented: “(It) is a very natural progression from previous tracks from TheCityIsOurs.” Fans of their previous work won’t be disappointed, however, as the general feel of the tune remains the same.

“As it was the first song written following our Hollow Hope EP, it still has the overall vibe people have come to know and love, catchy hooks mixed with dirty breakdowns, but it’s definitely got more of a mature feel with darker themes and lyrical content, exploring some of our most challenging experiences as people,”explained Page.

“In essence, the gloves have come off, with our new material. We chose to stick to our guns and write exactly what and how we felt at the time, which set a precedent for the the band as a whole moving forward,” continued the guitarist.


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“It’s a very personal track, written around themes of loss and death, and the emotional journey that inevitably comes with it. We chose to pay homage to one of our earlier releases and write Veins as a response to the message in that track. The lyrics are taken from the viewpoint of the person preparing to leave everything they’ve ever known behind and the various emotional stages that individual may experience. The track journeys from fear, to acceptance and everything in between,” he concluded.


28th Sep – Castlefest, Luton
21st Oct – Hobos, Bridgend
22nd Oct – Star & Garter, Manchester
23rd Oct – Little Buildings, Newcastle
24th Oct – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
25th Oct – Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield
27th Oct – The 1865, Southampton (w/ Our Hollow, Our Home)