Moaning Lisa and Porpoise Spit @ The Old Bar, Fitzroy 16 August 2018

Moaning Lisa and Porpoise Spit brought the love to the Old Bar in Melbourne on Thursday night in an evening of queer rock ‘n roll.

The Canberra four-piece might be one of the best emerging acts in Australia right now, but Porpoise Spit could be hot on their heels in the Fitzroy performance is any yardstick to judge by.

A fully sold out show before the main act arrives on stage at a venue that doesn’t allow you to pre-purchase tickets tells you everything you need to know about the support acts – and props must go to the engaging Cry Club and Freya, who had the unenviable task of taking to the stage two hours before the main act.

And love was definitely in the air as Porpoise Spit and Moaning Lisa embraced their sexuality and invited the audience do so as well.

PS have recently released an EP entitled God Yeah, and most of the track played focused on that record. The Melbourne locals proved that the genre doesn’t have to be all testosterone to have a good time. Lead by Mill O’Sullivan and Elly Hewitt on vocals, the interchangeability between the two creates a sound that keeps you on edge in the best possible way.

Moaning Lisa may be sonically a bit softer, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a hard edge to their music. They also switch it up between vocalists, and the on-stage chemistry between Charley and Hayley is clear for all to see – while the little anecdotes thrown in higgly-piddly around the 40 minute set make the group seem entirely comfortable with their surroundings.

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The pin sharp sound at the venue allowed the atmosphere of songs like I Want A Girl (Carrie) to be flawlessly transmitted the floor, who lapped up everything the band had to offer.

If could be the start of something massive. Make sure you stick around to see it grow and blossom.

Photo by Kalindy Williams.