The Dirty Nil – Minimum R&B (Dine Alone)

Genre – Punk rock

Fresh off a global tour and JUNO Award nomination, Hamilton rock n roll trio The Dirty Nil are back on record with Minimum R&B.

Minimum R&B sees The Dirty Nil re-release 11 tracks from their back catalogue, along with one previously unreleased song. These raw, rugged tracks were heavily influential in the groundwork that led to their critically acclaimed debut album Higher Power, and fans will be delighted to get hold of them on a full length release.

On the compilation’s inspiration, the band says it was “fuelled by a television destroyed in seconds, girls night out wine, broken vintage fuzz pedals, smashing revert tanks with hammers, a small lake of black coffee, horrible recording conditions, general negligence, recording vocals naked, beer, blood, broken bones, broken instruments, broken ears, inescapable loudness, screaming, unresolved girl problems, exposed wiring, no pants, no shoes, making our producers drink more than they wanted to, and a dozen donuts.”

In other words… it’s been a long year for the band and new material has been sparse! But, don’t fret; this is a fascinating release, packed with the power, venom and raw energy that make The Dirty Nil such a great band.

From the opening track Fucking Up Verona, Luke Bentham’s vocals are raspy, unpolished and full of the wear and tear of a young band who have been gigging non-stop – something you don’t get from an established band when they hit the studio.

Minimum R&B’s focus on energetic, pacey number is undone with the album’s standout Hate Is A Stone. The slow, deep number sees a strong rhythm section focus, along with deliberately underwhelming, deep vocals that drone effectively to create an intriguing tune that will suck you into its warmth.

Tying off the album with Caroline, the Hamilton rockers have saved the album’s biggest track for last. The sketchy guitars are overlaid with shards of feedback, as Bentham controls the tempo with big vocals and an awe inspiring chorus.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 8/10 Rough and ready from the Hamilton boys!