Mallory Knox – Wired (Sony Music)

Genre – Pop punk / alt rock 

Mallory Knox are now five years into their career, and in truth have never really kicked in from the potential of the debut album.

Wired is Mallory Knox’ third album to boot, and in truth, it rings of a band that is simply treading water, much like the majority of pop punk acts.

Pop punk is a genre that built its success on racing guitars, big hooks, catchy choruses and the spirit of youth. Today, it’s a genre that is simply rehashing the same stuff that came out almost twenty years ago, and sadly Mallory Knox are the number one offender with this release.

From the opening of Giving It Up to the closing chords of Mother, this album just passes you by – no matter how loud you play it!


Sonically, there’s no venom, no real hooks and no drive from the rhythm section to get you excited. Vocally, Mikey Chapman sounds like a man who doesn’t truly believe in what he’s singing. He lacks passion, he lacks punch and he lacks uniqueness – another vocalist from the pop punk conveyor belt who feels that simply putting out a new record is enough to get fans excited.

There is a brief moment of hope with Wired, with some edgy sounds, aggressive vocals, real lyrics and a catchy chorus, but it’s short lived. The boredom returns with California, and the rest of the album just trails off into a sea of nothingness.

The telling point of the quality of this album is the fact you could turn it on at any point and feel like you’d heard it before. There is absolutely nothing new about this release, and you could listen to it three, four, five, six times from start to finish and you’re unlikely to take anything away from it.

RUSHONROCK RATED 4/10 Stand confused, just like a flock of sheep!