Beachheads are a side project with a difference. Formed by Kvelertak members Marvin Nygaard and Vidar Landa, their new group are more than Teenage Fan Club than the hard rock they are better known for.

Their debut album was released on the 3rd of February, while single Your Highness has been singeled out for praise from the likes of Daniel P Carter over at Radio 1.

Any interview following such a change of track is always going to be a good read, so cast your eyes over this was Russell Hughes chatted to Landa about his new project.

RUSHONROCK – You first did a demo a couple of years ago, but for how long have you wanted to do something different to Kvelertak?

Vidar Landa – We have always liked the idea of doing something different, but now was the right time and we were very inspired and productive when we started writing the first Beachheads songs.

RUSHONROCK – How difficult is it to go from playing as Kvelertak and then changing style completely and recording an album as Beachheads?

VL – I would not say it is difficult exactly, but I always need some time to adapt my playing style from full on distorted hard rock to more clean tones and open chords playing. But in general I would say it is more inspiring than difficult to do a band with a different approach and sound.  

RUSHONROCK – Your debut album is about to come out, tell us a little more so readers who might not have heard of Beachheads can get a taste.

VL – Beachheads is a power pop/rock band from Stavanger, Norway. Most of the band members have their musical background from metal and punk rock. We have already released a couple of singles so you can go to your favorite streaming service and check it out for yourself.

RUSHONROCK – Moment of Truth was the first single while Your Highness is also available online – are those the strongest two songs on the album?

VL – We have tried to make an album full of singles so I think people who liked those two songs will like the rest just as much. But they are a good introduction to the band and sound.

RUSHONROCK – For Vidar and Marvin life must be very busy now, is there a plan to give the album a full tour?

VL – It has been pretty busy. Last year we recorded both a Beachheads and a Kvelertak album, plus did a world tour with Kvelertak. I remember we looked at each other at one point last year a bit exhausted saying «we really like playing in bands», haha!

But it is a lot of fun and we are excited about getting this album out there now. At the moment we spend the time when Kvelertak is not active to write or play live with Beachheads, starting with a short tour in Norway in January. There will be more live dates, but nothing confirmed at this point.

RUSHONROCK – Can you tell us about some of the main inspirations that you had while writing and recording the album?

VL – We love bands like the Replacements and Husker Du. Great songwriting and songs performed by a band sounding like they just came out of the basement. We wanted the album to have that energy, so we did most of it live in a studio in Stavanger over five days, and focused mostly on getting the right take, more than a fancy production. Børild’s lyrics are very personal and inspired by his own experiences and life.

RUSHONROCK – How important is it for a new band to get coverage from national media such as the Radio 1 Rock Show?

It is a great opportunity to get your music heard by a lot of people. It is great that we still have radio shows that focus on both popular music and also discover new bands and play underground and alternative music on national radio.

RUSHONROCK – How much of a surprise/joy was it to actually be able to form a band and record an album and did you think it would ever happen?

VL – It took a while to find the time to do it, but we always knew it would happen at some point, and it has been very joyful.

RUSHONROCK – Is it important for the band that each song has a message?

VL – It doesn’t have to have a message, but Børild mostly writes about stuff that is personal and that means something to him.