@The Riverside Newcastle, December 12 2016

With bags of charisma, immense talent and just enough arse hole in him to truly captivate an audience, Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson is your archetypal rock and roll front man.

Wasting no time with early chitchat, the Glasgow rockers cut straight to the point with a blistering introduction of Get Home. With subtle melodies that mix the darker elements of indie rock, Get Home was the perfect opener for the band, as each instrument had an opportunity to shine – from the high pitched squeals of the guitar to the steady beat of the keys.

With the opener out of the way, Hutchinson’s banter ensued: ‘We haven’t played a dirty venue in Newcastle for a while. The Sage is great, but in here’s dirty. I mean, people have been sick in here!’

As they burst into the crescendoed opening of Holy, the light show in The Riverside really came to life with the gloomy effect of a shoe gaze rock show, as the front man showed off the dexterity of his vocal ranges, from a hard rock growl to a contemporary murmur.

Three songs in and the evening had truly come to life, with cries of ‘I love you’ and calls for ‘I Wish I Was Sober.’ Hutchinson duly obliged, even if he did make sure the audience knew it was because it was written on his set list and not because of the request!

Throughout the set, the eccentric front man exchanged cheeky interactions with the audience between an impeccable set that included Little Drum, Fast Blood and Woke Up Hurting.

Frightened Rabbit’s unique style has ensured they have become an influential band in contemporary and indie rock, particularly over the last six years, having stuck to their early ideologies rather than opting for commercial success. This inspiration was no more prevalent than in the form of Lump Street, musicians favourite that is filled with technical nuances and high-pitched vocals – the perfect end to a brilliant set.

With the expected encore in place, the band brought the show to a close with Death Dream and The Woodpile, before signing off with a mesmerising version of The Lonliness and the Scream, as the band got the audience clapping and singing in their final assault.