@Newcastle University Students’ Union, October 7 2016

Twin Atlantic have taken a twisting path towards mainstream success and even though this talented foursome have enjoyed a rapid rise, the GLA tour could finally cement them as the next big band to come out of the north.

Their studio albums have all the ingredients to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, while live the Scottish rockers have the chemistry, stage craft and dedication to build a strong and loyal following.

This show was all about their most recent release, which treads the middle ground between the more raucous Vivarium and Free and the slightly disappointing Great Divide. Twin Atlantic seem to have shed off the harder elements to their sound in the form of What Is Light? Where Is Laughter, I Cave In and Time Is The Enemy and judging by the crowd’s reaction last night, it’s a move that’s working.

Frontman Sam McTrusty is a natural when he’s front and center and like in all good rock bands, he played the part of the MC down to a tee. Using a carrot and the stick approach, McTrusty got the best out of an audience who were remarkably subdued during Pulled Apart By Horses’ excellent support slot.

Twin Atlantic have a fair back catalogue to choose from, even if the set lasted less than an hour and 15 minutes. Despite the heavy emphasis on their most recent album, the band still threw in a few old classics such as Lightspeed, Free and Edit Me – although they were a bit light on some of their heavier works from Vivarium.

The foursome could probably have played in a bigger venue on a Friday night in Newcastle – but the amount of sold-out gigs in their tour already indicate that they are ready to take off to the next level. You just hope that they don’t forget their hard rock roots entirely.