No Sinner – Old Habits Die Hard (Provogue)

Genre: Blues Rock/Classic Rock

The album title says it all but the familiar problem (or most attractive trait, depending upon your viewpoint) where No Sinner’s Colleen Rennison is concerned is a consistent lack of consistency.

The creative free spirit that both inspired and frustrated on RUSHONROCK Rated 7/10 debut Boo Hoo Hoo is undiminished on this equally diverse and potentially divisive follow-up.

The ballsy, raw blues of feisty opener All Woman, harmonica-infused Leadfoot and Stonesy Tryin’ will appeal to the traditionalists but none of these classy songs sit comfortably alongside the grating Get It Up or the ill-judged power pop of Fading Away.

Soulful, stripped back, bar room ballad Hollow allows Rennison to reveal a softer side and stirring, gospel-tinged ballad Lines On The Highway is another endearing highlight.

Rennison remains one of the most exciting talents on the blues rock scene but it’s no sin to find your own voice. And cherish it.