SIXX:AM – Prayers For The Damned (elevenseven)

Genre: Hard Rock

‘It’s not what we expected. And not what we wanted.’

That was the RUSHONROCK verdict on 2014’s Modern Vintage and on reflection the second album from Sixx:AM did well to get 5/10. To describe it as a biter disappointment would be a significant understatement and to this day it’s difficult to understand what went wrong.

Thankfully Prayers For The Damned has emerged as the natural follow-up to This Is Gonna Hurt – the ballsy, boisterous, bastard son of the US hard rock scene that scooped the 2011 RUSHONROCK Record Of The Year award. This is more like it.

There’s no filler and it’s all killer – from the call-to-arms opener Rise thru the grandiose When We Were Gods to set closer Rise Of The Melancholy Empire this is the very definition of a return to form.

Those who witnessed SIXX:AM at Download earlier this month confirmed the view that this is a band that’s rediscovered its mojo and made another career defining record. Nikki Sixx, frontman James Michael and the multi-talented DJ Ashba have crafted a classic American hard rock album that makes the brilliant Shinedown sound second division.

In fact the difference between Prayers For The Damned and its powder puff predecessor is like chalk and pop metal cheese.

After the dud that was Modern Vintage it’s still not we expected…but it’s certainly what we wanted.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 Damned Fine