The Relapse Symphony – Born To Burn (Standby Records)

Genre: Emo Rock

Like Black Vail Brides and Farewell My Love, The Relapse Symphony have got their sound and look nailed down.

Their emotionally honest brand of new wave emo rock is what draws their fans in. They might come for the jet black hair and the tattoo sleeves, but they stay for the songs that connect with their own lives.

With Born to Burn, their second full-length album, The Relapse Symphony build on the strong foundations laid down by their debut, Shadows.

Some fans love it, but for others this type of emo rock can become repetitive – and despite the clear strengths of Born To Burn, this is one of its major shortcomings.

For anyone who likes a good time, not a long time, this is the album for them.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10  A Good Time, Not A Long Time