Down N Outz 2014The Down N Outz brought Ian Hunter’s glory days back to life across the UK last month.

And guitarist Paul Guerin agreed to keep RUSHONROCK readers bang up to date with life on the road as he reprised his role as our favourite diarist.

Back by popular demand after delighting our readers with tales of the Quireboys’ US tour, Blyth’s finest is bang in form with the final entry charting a fabulous tour. 




I was the last date on the Down N Outz tour. It’s been a long haul – especially coming straight off the Quireboys’ tour – but what an amazing year it’s been!

Countless countries, flights, hotels, long drives, late nights early mornings. But above all amazing audiences.

The most worthwhile thing about this bohemian lifestyle is no matter where we go people still love and believe in rock n roll and are not prepared to let it die. That still humbles me.

We were staying at Joes so it was a pretty easy trip to the gig. Or so we thought!

The traffic was mental so by the time we got to sound check we were running a bit late. We blasted through sound check to make sure Vega got a good crack at things. We made up time so all was well.

I was due to filmed for a Joe Elliott ‘Icons’ show that will be broadcast in a few months’ time on VH1. It all went well, well I think it did – but let’s see how it’s edited ha ha!

Vega set the bar high so we had to step up to the mark and we did. It was a terrific gig even though Joe was still suffering with his flu (which later turns out to be pneumonia). It didn’t stop him and the rest of the band going out on a high.

We had a cab coming at 6am to take us to the airport but it didn’t stop us debunking to Lilly’s Bordello for an end of tour frothy quencher bonanza – band, family, friends and fans alike mingled, slurped and chatted into the early hours. It was a brilliant tour and it was an amazing opportunity to play these songs and do something to bring this music back to people’s notice.

6am came around far to quickly for my liking…I was just praying Ryan Air would be gentle with me…