tyketto@Newcastle The Cluny, November 17 2014

There was no decorated tree, no stuffed reindeer and only the odd portly punter sporting a suspiciously bushy white beard. But make no mistake – Christmas came early for The Cluny faithful as a packed house partied like it was 1991. 

From the off angelic frontman Danny Vaughn reinforced his reputation as the melodic rock king who just keeps on giving. Delivering a sackful of singalong presents, the charismatic Yank proved he’s still the benchmark for effortless cool. They say great gigs Don’t Come Easy. Where Danny Vaughn is concerned don’t believe it.

The biggest surprise of the night came when the main man revealed he’d reached his 50s (he turned 53 earlier this year). Everything else was utterly predictable – in the best way possible – with the new-look Tyketto conjuring a sound that set new standards inside one of Newcastle’s most intimate venues.

If Vaughn stole the show (he normally does) then Furyon guitarist Chris Green ran his big mate a close second. So many of the solos that drifted into the Tyneside night simply beggared belief and the stiffest task facing Tyketto in 2015 is holding on to the hired hand turned prize asset.

Responding to the quality of the band before them, the Monday night crowd threw themselves into every song with admirable zeal. Not for Tyketto fans a weekend hangover as they belted out every word to the classics Strength In Numbers and Wings.

Faithless and Dig In Deep – from the band’s critically acclaimed 2012 comeback album – reminded the masses that Vaughn hasn’t lost his knack for knocking out a top tune. Nevertheless, nothing can beat Sail Away and the fantastic, anthemic Forever Young.

Tyketto will always be one of the biggest bands that never was. But those in the know have been on to something special for 25 years and gigs like this are their reward. Tyketto? More like TykettOMG.

Simon Rushworth