Love/Hate frontman Jizzy Pearl has dramatically pulled the artwork from the band’s new EP Crucified after what appears to be a career-defining bust-up with his old buddies.

Rebranded as a Jizzy Pearl solo record – with no mention of Love/Hate – the six-track offering is the precursor to next spring’s tour. That will now be known as Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate and looks like the last time anyone will use the Love/Hate name. 

“Why did I change the Love/Hate record to a Jizzy Pearl record,” said Pearl in an official statement.

“Simply put, because dealing with ex-members isn’t worth the hassle. I don’t want to spend thousands fighting over a band that makes hundreds.

“This isn’t Queensryche, or Great White, we’re not talking about a band that makes $12,000.00 or $20,000.00 a night. But there are some people out there who still think Love/Hate is the ‘Golden Goose’.

“Some people think that Love/Hate sells T-shirts like Iron Maiden or Motorhead. Some people still think MTV plays videos…unless you’ve gassed up the van and done the tours like I have then I guess you don’t really know.

“So here’s the deal – I’ll do this last and final tour as Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate, that way the fans will know who is and who isn’t in the band. After that we’ll put the whole thing to bed and I’ll never play with any of these ex-members again.

“I love Love/Hate – the fans are great, the music was superb but in the end ex-members just aren’t worth the hassle…”.

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