@ Newcastle O2 Academy, November 28 2012

Like a fine wine Therapy? just seem to get better with age, and this sensational performance showed everything that is great about these hardened Northern Irish veterans.

Before the show Andy Cairns sat down for a chat, revealing that the band is enjoying touring more than ever and claiming the addition of Neil Cooper in 2004 breathed new life into Therapy? at a time when complacency was creeping in.

When they took to the stage they were a band who wanted to be there, wanted to put on a show and the show they produced was described by some as one of there finest performances in Newcastle for a number of years. 

It was everything you’d expect from a Therapy? set – massive shoulder shattering riffs and the energy of a band half their age.

Cairns and Michael McKeegan led the attack on the Geordie crowd with their perfectly synced understanding, providing the crowd with a perfect balance of new music and throwing in the classics the crowd had turned out to see.

As with any band who have been around as long as Therapy? playing tracks off a new album is hit and miss with many audiences only interested in their early work. In Newcastle almost every song was treated with the respect it deserved.

Living In The Shadow Of A Terrible Thing, a real standout, singalong track from A Brief Crack Of Light, is as good as anything Therapy? has done before and that showed with the audience’s reaction – the whole crowd tearing their vocal chords as they sang over the eardrum-destroying guitar riffs.

As Therapy? blasted out the classic that is Screamager to wrap up the show, those there to witness this cracking performance streamed out into a freezing cold northern night more than satisfied by the show Cairns and co. had just delivered.

The only downside to the show was the lack of numbers witnessing a band that shows no sign of slowing down. Some of those who did turn out described the no-show of their peers as an absolute disgrace. But then Therapy? have always invoked a certain passion in their devoted die-hards.

Those who were there will forever remember this as a fantastic show from Northern Ireland’s biggest metal band. If you missed this you missed out.

Adam Keys