Welcome to our new series looking at the world’s greatest guitar heroes!

Over the last few weeks we’ve caught up with the key players within the fret burning community.

And we’ve compiled exclusive interviews with the genre leaders – henceforth known as the RUSHONROCKRiffLords.

Today we feature the one and only Scott Ian from Anthrax! 





Riff Lord: Scott Ian

Age: 48

Band: Anthrax

Current Album: Worship Music

Signature riff: Caught In A Mosh

First song learnt: Wipeout (Surfaris)

Favourite song played: I started playing guitar in 1973 and I suppose the first song I played again and again was Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever. I still play that song!

Favourite Anthrax song: Right now it’s In The End from our new album.

Favourite rock song ever: The first song that comes into my mind is Iron Maiden’s Number Of The Beast. Not a bad choice?

Favourite other instrument: I’m a capable drummer. That means I think I’m a capable drummer. I can play a bit. I think.

Your Riff Lord: It’s a toss up between Angus and Malcolm Young. You can’t have one without the other and you can’t like one without liking the other. They have more to do with who I am as a musician than anyone else.