Welcome to our weekly look at the essential new music dominating the rock and metal scene.

And today we focus on two of the biggest bands on the planet – US metal titans Lamb Of God and the cool as f**k Lacuna Coil (pictured).

This week’s curve ball comes courtesy of German indie rock punksters (honestly) Sep7ember with their record finally available here in the UK.

Every week we pick the one album you really must here – the rushonrock Record Of The Week.

And we review and rate the Best Of The Rest on what we like to call Super Sunday! Enjoy.






Lacuna CoilDark Adrenaline (Century Media)

Genre: Metal/Hard Rock

If Evanescence’s comeback album was just a little too dull for you (and let’s face it ‘dull’ is a compliment in this instance) but you still hanker after some quality female-fronted metal then allow Lacuna Coil to leap to your service.

Dark Adrenaline has been on the horizon for some time now and last year’s slew of UK dates hinted at something special from the majestic Cristina Scabbia and her colleagues.

It has arrived and the hype is fully justified. Opener Trip The Darkness is intoxicating with Scabbia on particularly alluring form but the sweeping soundscape that introduces End Of Time confirms this is a most ambitious record. A superb song more than strengthens the Coil cannon and is almost Linkin Park-esque in its sparkling production.

With their trademark dual vocal sound now honed to a tee this is a band that deserves to be at the forefront of the metal scene in a year that already promises so much. Dark Adrenaline is a deliciously moody album drowned in genuine emotion. Simon Rushworth

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10 Well Coiled Machine





Sep7ember – Strange Ways Of Going Home (SPV Steamhammer)

Genre: Indie/Rock/Punk

Imagine a German band influenced by 80s punk playing music inspired by Britpop and you begin to get a feel for the multi-faceted mixed bag that is Sep7ember.

Boris Pillman was clearly listening too hard to the Gallagher brothers in the 90s as his best vocals ape the deadpan indie rock style synonymous with Oasis and their ilk.

But this is grittier than indie, more commercial than The Alarm and way cooler than the industrial metal threatening to erase Germany’s reputation as hard rock heartland.

Sep7ember’s variety may well be their downfall but if you love to approach music with an open mind this lot could well blow yours. SR



Lamb Of God – Resolution (Roadrunner)

Genre: Heavy Metal

Widely touted as the first great metal record of the year – and already billed by many as the must-have album of 2012 – Resolution is a strikingly powerful beast.

This is the sound of a band that has long since paid its dues, established itself as a global brand with arena potential and built a confidence that, right now, is unshakable.

Resolution should be Lamb Of God’s The Blackening such is its focused ferocity, fantastic pace and pure metal fury.

From the off Straight For The Sun and Desolation pummel the eardrums like early 70s Sabbath but this is heavy music for the here and now and leans little on influences from the past.

You might know Lamb Of God as the nearly men of metal but in 12 months time it’s highly likely they’ll have long since moved onwards and upwards. SR