Fast-rising rock n roll troubadour Richard McMahon finally delivers his debut album this week with a launch party including an exclusive live set.

The former Fables Last Stand frontman will showcase The Illustrated Man at Newcastle’s Jazz Cafe on Wednesday.

And long-time collaborator Rohan Karsandas will kick off proceedings with a special spoken word set on what McMahon promises will be ‘a very special night’. McMahon split with his Fables band mates last year and has already gone on to win critical acclaim as a solo artist supporting the legendary Ian Hunter across the UK.

But the Hexham-based crooner has been keeping a decidedly low profile as a live concern as he puts the finishing touches to The Illustrated Man.

And he said: “There is still plenty of evidence of my rock n roll roots and my appreciation of all things Rolling Stones, Quireboys and Dogs D’Amour.

“But I’ve deliberately tried to make as diverse a record as possible in an attempt to lay all of my cards on the table.

“For five or six years I went down the classic rock road exclusively. But David Bowie has always been one of my greatest influences and he pinched the best bits from all kinds of genres.

“I’m hoping The Illustrated Man will appeal to a whole range of music fans and I’m hoping to see a few familiar faces – and a lot of new friends – at Newcastle’s Jazz Cafe this week.”

Entry to Wednesday’s launch party is £2 and Karsandas will deliver a solo spoken word set before contributing to The Illustrated Man‘s title track – which he recorded for McMahon some weeks back.

For further information check out Richard McMahon on Facebook. For booking details email