It’s claimed constant rotation rights on the RUSHONROCK decks and there’s no doubt Architects’ new album is set to be one of the big hits of 2011.

Set for release on January 24, the latest offering by the Brighton rockers takes their metalcore sound to an exciting progressive level.

The Here And Now will, of course, receive a full review right here on the eve of its release.

But we’re so excited by the the expansive sound of this brilliant record that we thought we’d roll out a list of must-hear tracks to download at the earliest opportunity!

Learn To Live is underpinned by a military style rhythm and features a fantastically powerful chorus guaranteed to thrill old fans and new converts alike.

An Open Letter To Myself might well be the finest piece of music the boys have written to date. Emotive, atmospheric stuff.

And in Heartburn, Architects have crafted the perfect chilled out festival favourite bound to get bodies popping and lighters waving.

That’s just three of the obvious highlights we’ve heard so far but, rest assured, there are many more to come!!