@ Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, November 18 2010

One of the hottest properties on the rock market slammed the Metro Radio Arena, treating a full house to an explosive and unforgiving set.

Celebrating their most successful year so far, Paramore delivered an unforgettable performance that not only proved their rock credentials but promised more to come.

Indie pop rock band fun. kicked off proceedings with an energetic set but always faced an uphill battle to make a mark with main support artist coming in the shape of chart topping B.O.B. Although B.O.B can’t even be classed in the same music realm, let alone genre, as the main attraction, the reaction was to be more than a little surprising.

Granted the sideshow has collaborated with Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams on one of this year’s runaway hits but no-one could have anticipated the breathtaking response that was awarded to an R’n’B artist at a rock concert. Bobby Ray’s guitar infused hip hop was met with a rapturous reception. The bizarre sight of a packed arena bouncing to a cover of MGMT’s Kids was surely a highlight of an exceptional night, only topped volume-wise by Williams’ appearance for Airplanes.

With the band suffering a tumultuous history, the chemistry on show may have come as a surprise to some. The ease and skill that comes to a relatively young band was phenomenal and the swagger that Williams holds herself in is more than justifiable.

Projecting a ridiculously strong voice for someone so slight in build is commendable enough, but the confidence that oozes from every member of Paramore means the whole experience runs smoothly.

Smash hits Ignorance, That’s What You Get, CrushCrushCrush, Decode and new single Playing God were all aired before an outstanding version of Misery Business brought the house and set to a close.

Complete with acoustic section, Williams and co. never looked out of place and the only question that remains is which direction the band wish to travel in? By ditching the chart friendly support act, the band send out a statement to the rock world but by trying to please the thousands of teeny-rockers in attendance, Paramore place themselves in jeopardy of stifling their potential.

But maybe the American rockers have found exactly where they want to be. In the spotlight and performing to an audience that hang on every word. And after Thursday night’s reception who can blame them?

Andy Spoors