@ Newcastle Legends, November 5 2010

A band that need no introduction, no support act and please, no more makeup!  Dressed to Kill is the world’s longest running KISS tribute band clocking in 20 years of holding their own as the ultimate KISS act.

Anyone who thought they’d be missing out on the fireworks on bonfire night were swiftly proved wrong – the crowd were like firecrackers waiting to explode and the band were happy to provide the spark.

Fully costumed to glam effect, custom made instruments and strutting out the poses and mannerisms familiar to each of the KISS family with complete ease, this tribute have the stances down in an exact replica of a full scale KISS gig.

Warming the crowd up with Creatures Of The Night and Crazy Nights, ‘Gene Simmons’ leers across the stage glaring, pouting and flicking his tongue seductively at a welcoming audience. ‘Paul Stanley’ gyrates wildly throughout, ‘Ace Frehley’ is in a fret frenzy with his smoking guitar licks and Catman ‘Peter Criss’ belts the drums as if his life depends on it.

Full crowd participation was warranted for I Was Made For Loving You and even the most unforgiving sceptic would soon have their hands held high for scorching renditions of Rock NRoll All Nite, Love Gun and God Gave Rock And Roll To You.  A show complete with feisty fire breathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets and pyrotechnics: they may not be the real thing but they certainly know how to act it!

Louisa Kouzapas