@ Newcastle O2 Academy, October 6 2010

The Rocksound tour rolled into Newcastle and this brought with it every rolled up jean wearing, stretch ear lobe donning, tattoo plastered follower in the near proximity.

They were here for Architects as well as support acts Norma Jean, Devil Sold His Soul and Lower Than Atlantis – a line-up which provided an evening of a wall to wall hardcore.  LTA opened proceedings but, as always, this band seemed unable to replicate live the sound they can produce on record. And the performance was always going to be a bit flat as a result.

Devil Sold His Soul and Norma Jean both demonstrated to LTA what they could achieve with two barnstorming sets.  Norma Jean being veterans in this game nowadays were in their element and had the sold-out Newcastle crowd flying into each other.

The stage was set for Architects – a band that has always been compared to Bring Me The Horizon in recent times.  However, whilst BMTH hog the limelight the Brighton five-piece have quietly built up a reputation of being one of the best UK hardcore bands.  BMTH will show up on the covers of various magazines whereas Architects let their music do the talking.

Lead by front man Sam Carter Architects burst on to the stage and straight into new single Day In Day Out.  There’s an energy about this band that can’t be matched as the floor becomes encompassed with bodies the stage just seems to be a whirlwind with flashes of Carter’s blonde mop flying from side to side.  A brief thank you to the crowd is as far as on-stage banter as Architects rifle through In Elegance and Buried At Sea.

Carter orchestrated his band and audience as one, providing a massive circle pit and mass singalongs for Early Grave and even showcased a new song from the upcoming album The Here And Now.  The only disappointment was that closers Hollow Crown and We’re All Alone dragged incessantly seemingly drain the energy out of the crowd.  Thankfully the encore of Follow The Water brought proceedings to a brutal close.

Another venue slayed by the Brighton five-piece that are clearly becoming the UK’s hottest property within the hardcore scene.

Tom Walsh