rushonrock writer and self-confessed Journey fan Andy Spoors just won’t stop believin’ where his favourite AOR band is concerned.

And in the latest in his series of one-off blogs the late convert to classic rock dreams of a world dominated by Arnel Pineda’s pipes and Neal Schon’s riffs.

Needless to say there’s an element of Glee in his work. Read on to find out more.

Journey’s Glee

A few months ago now rushonrock posted a story of success. A long over due success in our opinion. But people just haven’t stop believin’.

The evergreen Journey and Don’t Stop Believin seems to go from strength to strength, movies to TV shows, night clubs to adverts. The song is a global juggernaut intent on smashing its way into the subconscious.

Although it should be stated on record that it was a hit long before the hit US show Glee picked it up, the popularity of the band has now skyrocketed and deserves an update.

The season finale of Glee contained not one, not two, but four of the band’s songs. A tribute to a band that may have been in jeopardy of becoming a guilty pleasure or just a fond trip down nostalgia lane.

The show choir versions of Faithfully, Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’, Any Way You Want It and of course the aforementioned are given new life. Break-neck paced and delivered with added gusto its no wonder when Steve Perry visited the set he was left impressed.

Even the famous red piano was present on stage, clearly someone’s been doing their homework. For most the reference would have been missed but for the true fans a tip of the hat and a sly wink.

The band is rather disappointingly yet to release any tour details but has confirmed the last track has been recorded for their 14th studio album.

It’s almost two years since the band rocked up to the shores of the UK on tour; with an unforgettable performance at last years Download festival tantalisingly thrown in.

But we need more. The way things are going Journey could be filling stadiums not arenas if it becomes another year before their next visit.

However there could be a dark cloud on an otherwise sunny horizon.

I fear the day Don’t Stop becomes obsolete and overplayed, which at the current rate could be sooner rather than later. A line will be crossed when nappy or car companies lay the track on the latest advertising campaign.

But with thanks to Glee, Perry and the boys’ incredible library is slowly being unveiled to an uneducated and unsuspecting world.

Night clubs start to play Any Way or Open Arms. Movies close with When You Love A Woman or Wheel In The Sky. Journey sit at the top of charts with their smash hit new single.

Now that’s the kind of world I want to live in and I for one won’t Stop Believin’.

Andy Spoors