It’s something which has been troubling me for some time and, call me petty, but there’s nothing worse than a chronological gaffe.

The error in question centres around one of the most popular BBC dramas of recent years – Ashes To Ashes. With the third and final series of what was formerly Life On Mars airing now, the hype and publicity machine has gone into overdrive.

And a key part of the Beeb’s primetime trail is the use of Europe’s The Final Countdown.

Now don’t get me wrong – I just love hearing rushonrock fave Joey Tempest belting out his signature song after Eastenders or before the 10 O’Clock News.

And the more hair metal making it on to terrestrial TV in 2010 the better, as far as I’m concerned. But there’s just a slight snag where this particular audio visual collaboration is concerned.

According to the blurb surrounding Ashes To Ashes (and I don’t actually know the show, I just know of it), series three is set in 1983. That would be the 1983 that’s three years before The Final Countdown was released, then.

Now I assume, faced with this point, the show’s producers would argue they’re using the 80s anthem as it’s trailing the final series of their popular programme.

But I suspect they simply plucked an anthem from that decade out of the air and thought nothing of the conflict it would cause within the mind of this sad blogger who likes everything to be just right.

In 1983, as any Europe fan will confirm, Seven Doors Hotel and Lyin’ Eyes were the only singles under the band’s belt. And that famous keyboard riff was just a tune knocking around Joey’s head yet to be whipped into shape by the magnificent Mic Michaeli.

If the Ashes To Ashes team wanted a genuine 1983 classic to plug their return to the small screen then why not choose Asia’s Don’t Cry, ZZ Top’s Gimme All Your Lovin’ or Def Leppard’s Photograph?

And it’s not exactly our cup of tea but it is rock (just about) and, even better, it’s by a band called The Police. When Gene Hunt and co. could be running around to Every Breath You Take on those prime time clips you wonder why The Final Countdown made the cut.

Now maybe I’m just splitting hairs. Maybe I’m turning into a sad old geek with nothing better to do that pick up on minor inaccuracies which mean nothing to the public at large.

Or maybe I just like things to be right. Right?