White Trash – Apple Pie b/w The Crawl, Lil’ Nancy & Good God

1991 Four Track Promo Album Sampler

White Trash were the best band that never was. End of.

Fusing rock and metal with a whole lot of horns their infectious sound won a degree of critical acclaim before internal differences and the changing musical landscape led to their premature demise.

But the great news is that White Trash are back and those yearning for a return to the good old days of their self-titled debut should check out 2009’s 3-D Monkeys In Space. Even better, the band is out on the road again.  When we chanced upon this 12 inch promo in the bargain bin of Newcastle’s much missed Volume Records, little did we realise it would be the best thing we’d heard in a long, long time.

Funkier than Extreme, more vital than Living Colour and overblown enough to interest the hair metal fan inside our head this was rock perfection. With the horns thrown in it was like listening to Little Angels with an edge – as if Scarborough’s finest weren’t edgy enough.

Lead track Apple Pie boasted an infectious groove that had us humming away for weeks and weeks. After landing the album in London a month or two later it became clear this was a band to watch – sadly we never had the chance to watch them live.

But hope springs eternal and with that new record under their belts who knows? White Trash might make it back to the UK after all…