He might well be the hardest working man in melodic rock but SHY/TNT/State Of Rock frontman Tony Mills still found time to reveal all to rushonrock in the latest edition of our ever-popular Rider.

No sooner has State Of Rock’s dazzling debut got critics in a frenzy than Mills’ latest project, Serpentine, is set to take the melodic rock scene by storm.

We wondered whether he finds time to do anything else other than sing! Here’s the answer.

On your iPod: I don’t actually get the time to listen to rock music. I’m working so hard that the only music I listen to is the music I’m involved with. I’m doing a sci-fi progressive rock epic right now called The Mystic Hypocrisy and that’s keeping me busy. I’m also listening to opera as I’m halfway through an opera project – something I’ve wanted to get out of my system since I was a kid.

Small Screen Pleasure: I tend to avoid TV until the wife has gone to bed! I watched Taxi Driver the other night and I love anything with Woody Allen in it. I’m a big comedy fan and like Blackadder and that kind of thing.

Making a meal of it: Curry. Every time.

Drivetime: I’ve got a Land Rover.

Ace Place: Los Angeles.

Dream destination: Los Angeles. I’ve wanted to go back there for ages. I’d like to go to Russia too.

Nickname shame: Milldew.