Out of the ashes of Blood Brothers comes the terrific two-piece Jaguar Love and their mix of glam metal guitars, edgy dance beats and booming vocals is a rock sound waiting to be heard.

Clearly influenced by the their hometown Seattle scene and yet hellbent on breaking new ground, Jaguar Love are Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato and they release Hologram Jams next month.

And the former explained: “Cody and I have always had a strong bond, both creatively and as friends – and working on this album together was the most productive, free flow of ideas I have ever been a part of.” The full track listing for the April 26 release of Hologram Jams is as follows:

I Started A Fire, Polaroids and Red Wine, Cherry Soda, Don’t Die Alone, Up All Night, Jaguar Warriors, Everything Is Awesome, Evaline, Sad Parade, A Prostitute An Angel, Freak Out

Check out three of the tracks right here: