Little Angels – Product Of The Working Class (Hot Sweat ‘N’ Groove Mix)(B Dickinson/J Dickinson/Jepson/Lee/Plunkett) b/w Product Of The Working Class (Album Version), Revival (B Dickinson/J Dickinson/Jepson/Lee/Plunkett) & Take It Off (B Dickinson/J Dickinson/Jepson/Lee/Plunkett)

Ltd Edition Gatefold with Six Postcards 1991

For as long as Toby Jepson continues to blaze a trail with the newly reformed Gun, many fans will yearn for his own band to get back together and roll back the glory years.

The hit-laden crew from Scarborough were at the forefront of the Brit Rock movement in the late 80s/early 90s and had an uncanny knack for putting out the best pop rock songs of the era. Coupled with the classic artwork delivered by the Shoot That Tiger! team, featuring the band’s trademark devil in various guises, Little Angels vinyl swiftly became very, very collectible.

Product Of The Working Class is just one of several cracking tunes culled from the chart-busting album Young Gods and the Hot Sweat ‘N’ Groove mix is mesmerising.

With four tracks nestled within one glossy gatefold sleeve this is one of many memorable Little Angels discs we’re proud to house within the rushonrock vaults. Expect more of the same very soon.