Hysterica AnniHysterica – Stage Two, December 4 2009

This all-female band of metal vamps from Sweden are destined to go one of two ways – straight to the top or towards relative obscurity. And 2010 will mark the crossroads for trad metal throwbacks Hysterica.

A hard rocking, high-energy set at Prestatyn – their very first show on British soil – suggests the former may be the girls’ final destination. With the metal anthems to match their leather-heavy image theirs is a show well worth catching.

And with driving force Bitchie pulling the strings and punching out the riffs, commitment and determination is not a problem. Her band mates are not about to stray off message anytime soon.

There are times when the steely five piece drift into Steel Panther territory but it seems as if Hysterica really do mean it. They take themselves just seriously enough to ensure tunes like We Are The Undertakers, Girls Made Of Heavy Metal and The Bitch Is Back are treated at face value rather than as awkward take-offs.

Judged alonsgide all-female stalwarts Girlschool – who strutted the same stage 24 hours later, Hysterica came out fighting. And in some style. Singer Anni De Vil (probably not her real name) boasts a fine ste of pipes and Sat Anica (again, it’s unlikely she was Christened as such) holds everything together with the wielding of a well controlled bass.

Bitchie has done a brilliant job putting together a competent and incredibly cute band. The Simon Cowell of Hysterica she’s a woman with a plan and right now the plan’s just about working. What Hysterica need is a bold promoter willing to give them top billing on a UK club tour – testing the water is their next step and we’re confident this is one band who will swim, not sink.