DSC_0722rushonrock tip for 2010 Marya Roxx impressed the masses on the Hard Rock Hell main stage last weekend but now she’s out to make her mark on the world.

The metal chick based in LA, but hailing from the Baltic state of Estonia, has it all – the tunes, the looks and a red hot band.

Needless to say we’ll be bringing you much more Marya next year but for now take a look at what makes her tick.

On your iPod: I’ve been listening to the new records from Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and The Prodigy. I love The Prodigy’s energy. Oh and one of my favoruite CDs right now is Rammstein’s new one. 

Small Screen Pleasure: I don’t actually own a TV but when I get the chance to chill out I like Two And A Half Men and That 70s Show. That 70s Show teaches me a lot about the US!

Making a meal of it: Meusli is my absolute favourite. I’m always munching on a bag wherever I am. It’s so easy to carry around and so easy to eat but it does make me the butt of the other band members’ jokes.

Drivetime: I drive a GMC hybrid.

Ace place: If you’re talking about a place to party then it has to be Tallinn. But then a lot of British guys know all about the bars around there! For overall vibe it’s Berlin.

Dream destination: As a rocker I just have to visit Japan and Australia with my band.

Nickname shame: Not really a nickname but my name in Estonian translates as the Virgin Mary. That’s interesting…