tapSpinal Tap – Bitch School (Smalls/St Hubbins/Tufnel) b/w Springtime (Smalls/St Hubbins/Tufnel) & Talk With Tap Pt1 1992

For any fan of seminal spoof meisters Spinal Tap, the lure of a shaped ‘mini Stonehenge’ picture disc was too much to resist.

Bitch School preceded the band’s early 90s comeback album Break Like The Wind and lyrically it was right up there with the Tap’s most socially sensitive work.

Using the Stonehenge imagery was a masterstroke and including the first part of an exclusive interview with the band made this seven incher an instant collector’s item.

Unlike this year’s ill-judged reunion, the return of Tap in 1992 sparked a huge amount of excitement. The decision to write and release a brand new album after an eight-year hiatus helped to give the band some pseudo credibility even if the subject matter was wholly cliched.

The addition of guest musicians Slash, Steve Lukather, Joe Satriani, Dweezil Zappa and Jeff Beck meant Break Like The Wind really was worth listening to and Bitch School‘s outrageous lyrics and imagery made this the perfect lead single in terms of courting controversy and boosting profile.

Few bands can get away with the couplet ‘No more sniffing strangers, or running free at night/You think my bark’s bad honey – wait till you feel my bite’. But few bands would want to.