innerpartysystemFresh from blitzing Europe on Give It A Name 2009, those crazy electro-rockers from across The Pond – Innerpartysystem – have decided to document exactly what goes in to a tour with one of the world’s most exciting new bands.

Yep, with six-track EP Heart Of Fire just three weeks away and a slew of summer festival appearances lined up, there’s just no stopping the oh-so-cool quartet right now as they forge ahead in the race to become the globe’s biggest dance rock crossover act.

Far from an obvious choice on GIAN 09, the triumphant IPS blew away the majority of the rock and metal thoroughbreds on show to prove their credentials as a band every bit as loud as they are proud.

As a consequence their latest video blog gives a great insight into a huge triumph in adversity and finally sets the record straight – these are great guys doing a great job at great pace. Heart Of Fire will hit stores on May 18 with the following tracklisting: Heart Of Fire; The Way We Move; Night Is Alive; Heart That Heals; The Lovers Dancing; The Lovers Dancing (Remix).

In the meantime enjoy the following (but this is most definitely not Spinal Tap):