europe ianHe’s one of Sweden’s favourite rock DJs but you’ll probably know him better as the man who beats the crap out of the drumkit whenever Europe hit town.

Ian Haugland has seen it, done it and bought the T-shirt as a fully fledged member of the hair metal legends and he’s ready to do it all again after landing at number one in his native Sweden with the brilliant Last Look At Eden.

Following in the well trodden footsteps of band mate Joey Tempest, the thoroughly amiable tub thumper has agreed to bare all for the rushonrock Rider. So read on to discover the life behind the man.

On your iPod: I’ve been listening to Sounds Of The Universe by Depeche Mode – they’re just such great songwriters. And I was just checking out Physical Grafitti by Led Zeppelin. Of the newer bands I’m loving Muse’s latest record.

Small Screen Pleasure: I’m a comedy guy. I’d still go for Monty Python every time given the choice. Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones, Blackadder – I’m a sucker for any great British comedy shows.

Making a meal of it: I just love food. I eat anything. I love Indian and Mexican and Swedish food. Japanese is another favourite and I adore anything that’s just a bit spicy.

Drivetime: Hey, I’m Swedish. So I drive an old Volvo – an SX60. It’s at least 10-years-old. I like cars but I’m not fanatical about them. My father is great with cars and my brother works in a workshop.

Ace place: Outisde Sweden the place that I love best is San Francisco. we spentb a lot of time there recording. But we also spent time in London and I felt just as at home there. But San Francisco has a real European vibe for a US city.

Dream destination: New Zealand. I’ve seen pictures and of course the Lord Of The Rings trilogy was filmed there. It seems as if it’s out of this world. And I’d like to take in Australia. We never toured there – even at the height of our popularity. We got offers but we were always scheduled to go somehwere else.

Nickname shame: I was called the Hog.